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All the photography on the page is copyright 2018 by Mark Taylor, except the lighthouse on page one. That is from the National Park Service.


The Cape Lookout Lighthouse, is the only such structure in the United States to bear the checkered daymark, intended not only for differentiation between similar light towers, but also to show direction. The center of the black diamonds points in a north-south direction, while the center of the white diamonds points east-west.


Carteret County is also home to Fort Macon State Park, the second-most popular state park in NC, with over 1.5M visitors in 2017.


Morehead City hosts the NC Seafood Festival every October. The 2022 Seafood Festival will be held Friday September 30 through Sunday October 2, 2022.


The Carteret County seat, Beaufort, was once a whaling center, giving rise to the whale on the city seal. Beaufort was also the stomping grounds of notorious pirate Edward Teach, aka, Blackbeard.


Blackbeard's vessel, the Queen Anne's Revenge, was located off Beaufort and artifacts can be seen in the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort.


Atlantic Beach is a south-facing beach and in the late fall and early winter offers ocean sunsets.

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